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Renate Aller
Date: German, born 1960
Biography: Aller's work relates compositionally to Hiroshi Sugimoto's series of black-and-white photographs of seascapes, which relate to photography as a means of recording time and memory. Time is embodied in Sugimoto's work through each image as the soft focus of the horizon line is a result of a longer time exposure. Time is embodied in Aller's work through the various images from the same site over time. Aller's photograph also relates to Erika Blumenfeld's Antarctica portfolio (Ice Horizons), which is a series of 8 images all taken in Antarctica that shows the horizon between ice field and sky. The nature of the grouping of images and small scale, as well as equal emphasis given to sky and land, contrasts with Aller's approach to the horizon. Aller has spent time in New Mexico since the early 2000s and published her first monograph with Santa Fe publisher Radius Books. She has looked to the desert landscape in the same way she has the oceanscape, remarking that desert holds the memory of ocean.

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